Sarp Group started its commercial life with the name of Öz Akar LTD. ŞTİ. in 1990 in the construction sectors and further secured its experience and self-confidence with each passing day with the projects that it carried-out in many provinces of our country.

Our company, which progressively grows by means of the projects that it put into practice and gains its solution partners’ confdence, accelerated its activities by incorporating Yeni Sarp Construction in 2005 and achieved a lot of successes in a short span of time.

Sarp Group, which has taken the technology, quality and most importantly the human factor into consideration in many projects that it has carried-out up to the present with its young, dynamic and staff in their subject; proudly takes part among the leader and trustworthy companies of Turkey nowadays.

Provide a service to the investors beyond the expectations of them by putting the modern technology together with the superfine quality as a construction company; which is acknowledged, leads to the innovations and taken as an example in the international platforms.

To construct modern, safe, peaceful and social living spaces by always giving particular importance to the human factor.